Glass 175ml
Glass 250 ml
1. Acantus Blanco -Castilla
Intense, fruity nose with a rich flavour.
Made from Moscatel grapes.
2. Antano Blanco - Rioja
Dry, crisp and fruity
£3.95 £5.35 £14.95
3. El Coto Blanco - Rioja
Crisp, fresh and fruity white wine lemon tones and a dry finish.
£4.20 £5.50 £15.95


4. Orvalaiz Rosado Cabernet Saubignon
Fragrant, light and dry
£4.50 £5.50 £15.75
5. El Coto Rosado - Rioja
Lovely fruity, dry rose wine from Rioja
£4.00 £5.85 £16.25
6. Marques Caceres Crianza - Rioja
Fresh and fruity rose made from Tempranillo grapes.
£4.50 £6.50 £17.95
7. Bordon Rosado - Rioja
Crisp, dry and fruity with a taste of wild strawberries. Absolutely delicious.
£4.75 £6.50 £19.25


8. Acantus Tinto - Castilla
A powerful intensity of Fruity aromas, with good Structure.
£3.75 £5.15 £13.95
9. Antaño Tinto — Rioja Soft, fruity tannins with peppery notes on the finish. £3.95 £5.35 £14.95
10. Dunviro Tinto Selecion — Rioja
Modern, ‘Roble style’ wine with big juicy fruit and new oak on the finish.
£4.50 £5.95 £17.50
11. Coto Tinto Crianza - Rioja
Ripe and spicy red berries combine with the sweet tannins and new oak.
£5.15 £6.95 £19.95


Glass 175ml
Glass 250ml
Sangria - RED or WHITE
Famous light Spanish wine-based drink.
Excellent with tapas for those long summer evenings.


Glass 175ml
Glass 250 ml
12. Orvalaiz Rosado Cabernet - Savignon - Fragrant, Light & Dry.
13. Marques De Caceres – Rioja - Fresh and fruity, from the Tempranillo grape.

14. Rioja Bordon - Rosado - Crispy Fruity dry rose. Absolutely Delicious!



1/2 Bottle
15. Tio Pepe – Fino
16. La Goya – Manzanilla


17. House Champagne - Charles le Prince
18. Moet & Chandon
A well-known bubbly
19. Bollinger
Great Champagne from a famous house.

20. Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rose Brut
One of the very finest pink Champagnes


21. Dom Perignon Vintage
One of the World's most famous Champagnes



22. Castellblanch Brut Zero – House Cava
Very Popular Spanish Cava. Crisp & Dry finish.
23. Castellblanch Cristal Brut Rosado
Fresh, silky aromas with good fruit and a hint of sweetness
24. Montesquius Grand Reserva
A beautifully rounded and very smooth, easy-to-drink Cava
25. Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad
Potent and elegant with a delicate and long finish in a brilliantly presented bottle


1/2 Bottle
26. El Coto
Crisp, fresh and fruity white with lemon tones and a dry finish.
27. Marques Caceres
Round and fruity Rioja made from Viura grapes
28. Muga
Fragrant, strong and well-balanced.


29. Alan del Val Godello
Exotically perfumed with flavours of Peach, Apricot, Pineapple and green Apples.
30. Alma de Blanco Godello - Monterrei
Intensely rich, floral flavours with spice and hones and an excellent fruit-driven finish.
31. Crego Monaguilla - Ribeiro
Great Fruit Intensity on the nose. Aromatic, Full, Rich and Lengthy Finish
32. Pazo do Mar - Ribeiro
An award winning rich and intensely fruity wine with a subtle spicy and sophisticated finish.
33. Mei 'Fulget' Albarino - Rias Baixas
Full, fat and fruity with crisp and fruity intensity and verve.
34. Terras Gaudas - Rias Baixas
Made from a mix of Albarino and Loureiro grapes. Crisp, fresh and fruity with a long finish.
34. NORH. Alariño - Rias Baixas
A"must" try for the Alariño lover!


35. Viña Esmeralda - Penedes
Fragrant, medium dry white.
36. Gran Viña Sol White Label – Penedes
Oak-aged Chardonnay.
37. Finca la Boltana Xarei-lo
Floral, spicy and very aromatic wine with a long juicy finish. This is an excellent wine made from grapes grown on old vines.
37. Fransola - Penedes
Single vineyard wine made from Sauvignon and Parellada.


38. Sauvignon Blanc, Basclaron
Rich and sherbety with Apricots and powerful fruit and a clean, racy finish.

39. Sanz Classico
A stunning white wine with a gooseberry nose and a creamy, spicy finish.



  1/2 Bottle
40. Marques Caceres Crianza-Rioja -Round, fruity, from the tempranillo and garnacha tinto grapes. Very popular.
41. Bordon Crianza Beautiful Balance of Oak and Ripe Fruit from a great Vintage
42. El Coto Crianza – Ripe & Spicy Red berries combine with the Sweet Tannies of new Oak
43. Ramon Bilbao Tinto Single Vineyard
Modern Style rich Oaky Red. Made by one to the top 50 Winemakers in the world.
44. El Picaro Robel - Toro Intense aromas, dark fruits, full bodies with a pleasant liquorice sensation on the finish
45. Alan de Val Pedrazias Mencia (Galicia)
A dark, velverty red wine full of flavours of bright cherry & cranberry flavours and a hint of oak.


46. Protos - Tinta del Pais
Dark tannins and blackcurrant flavours with a long, clean finish.
46. Prado Rey Roble
Made from Tina Fina, cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. This wine has complex aromas is ripe and fruity and has a long finish
47. Pesquera Crianza
A fleshly and powerful palate with an expression of ripe fruit and oak and well assembled tannins.


48. Condado De Almara Crianza - Deep cherry red with aromas of black barriers and black currants, with light notes of black peppercorns on a balsamic background, with powerful fruitiness and well-polished sweet tannins. Barrel Oak.
49. Homenaje Cabernet Sauvignon Big full body Red with Soft Easy Finish


50. Coronas
Subtle Colour with elegant aroma.
51. Gran Sangre De Toro
Big, robust red. Made from Garnacha and Carineña.
51. Finca Cal Janes Merlot Crianza
Rich, soft and oaky red with lots of jammy fruit and a hint of spice.
52. Gran Coronas
Big, rich, red from Cabernet Sauvignon and tempranillo grapes.


53. Coto de Imaz Reserva
Succulent and rich with bright raspberry notes and sweet oak

54. Marques De Caceres 2005
Liquorice, fruit and vanilla with a long, round finish
55. Faustino V 2005
Dried fruit and cinnamon tannins with soft, elegant tannins
56. Marques De Riscal 2006
Fresh style, well-stuctured tannins with a ripe, sound finish.
57. Muga 2005
Open, rich and smooth with a long silky finish.
58. Dominio de Conte Reserva 2005
Powerful and sophisticated with a balanced, concentrated finish.


59. Faustino I 1999
A perfect ripeness of fruit evident all the way through with a distinctive, rich finish.
60. Bordon Gran Reserva 2004
A perfect ripeness of fruit evident all the way through with a distinctive, rich finish
61. Cosme Palacio Y Hermanos Reserva Privada 2001
Red, ripe fruit with summer pudding and spice and a pleasing, balanced finish.


62. Paterina Gran Reserva 1994
An amazingly concentrated, rich wine from one of the century's greatest vintages

63. Don Balbino Gran Reserva 1987
This well aged, smooth, silky red is pure nectar with spice and a soft, creamy finish.
64. Glorioso Gran Reserva 1973
A real treat with amazingly good fruit; subtle, delicate flavours and a fine, long finish


65. Glorioso Gran Reserva 1964
A unique and rare chance to try such an aged wine. Limited quantity. Ripe and mature with a superb concentration of flavours on the finish.
GOYA is confident of the quality of all our wines which we choose very carefully. These are wines which are particularly competitive priced but where there has been no compromise made with respect to quality. They are all wines made by very well known producers some of whom we have been working with for many years.

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